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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 19, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this afternoon. this happened at pennsauken high school just as classes ended. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> good evening. i'm dawn tim money knee. let's get out to fox 29's sean nel wilson live in pennsauken. shawnette? >> reporter: the student had was slashed in the face is in the hospital at the mommy. we're told she should be okay and the student who did this we're told is in custody. now, as you guys said this happened just around 2:00 o'clock here at pennsauken high school. police are telling us that a 16 year old girl cut a 15 year old girl both students across the face. now police officer was actually right near the bus at the time this happened. the department says they actually have an officer stayinged here at the school as the last day nears just as precaution. that officer again was able to take the attacker in to custody and we're told the victim was taken to cooper hospital. >> the bus does have video, and we reviewed the video. there was no words. just victim was standing. the other girl walked on and just sliced her as she went pa
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past. >> reporter: now back here live no word on what led to this incident. police are also still looking for a weapon. they say it could be as small as a razor or the size of a box cutter they just don't know. they're also still enter viewing here on campus teachers and students about what may have led to this. dawn, back to you. >> all right, thank you, shawnette. new developments surrounding the crisis in iraq. the united states is beefing up its military efforts to help stop the insurgency by a militant group bent on taking over iraq. the president making the announce many this afternoon after meeting with his national security team. fox's doug mc elway reports from washington. >> reporter: at the white house president obama announces the u.s. will send up to 300 military advisors to iraq. as sunni fighters rapidly gain ground. they'll work with the iraqi army to coordinate intelligence and training. >> the best and most effective response to a threat like isis will ultimately involve partnership where is local
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forces like iraqis take the lead. >> reporter: but the president made it clear u.s. ground troops will not return to iraq. and stressed that solutions to the violence are political, not military. >> the united states will not pursue military options to support one secretary inside of iraq at the expense of another. there's no military solution inside of iraq certainly not one that is led by the united states. >> reporter: despite calls for the leader of iraq to step down for his role in coaxing sectarian divisions, obama says, it is not his job to pull the plug on prime minute steer nori al maliki. republicans are blasting the president obama for failing to take action and want to see more help than the president has outlined. >> my hope is that it is the first step in a multi step process. >> i am convinced that the national security of the united states of america is at risk here. >> reporter: the president has vowed that he will consult with congress, iraq and regional leader if's the need arises for more precise military action. at the white house, doug mckelway, fox news.
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>> turning to your weather authority now. a live look at ultimate doppler radar f you're heading out the skies could look threatening. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. we are looking at lingering showers across the area in particular once you move into south jersey and delaware and central sections of delaware. but talk about a temperature turn around. 72 degrees right now in philadelphia. but look at the 24 hour change. it's over 20 degrees colder than this same time yesterday. the reason being we're watching this cold front as it sags to the south. taking with it along the moisture as well as that humidity. lingering showers early but we will get a break as you're stepping outdoors later on this evening. right now you can see most of the action south and east of the i-95 corridor moving into sections of south jersey and delaware. but look at the temperatures. 72 in pottstown as well as millville and atlantic city. so look at the change over
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20 degrees colder in atlantic city as well as millville. moving toward the wrightstown area. yesterday we were looking at the hottest day of the year. so what to expect as we move into your thursday evening. leftover showers early especially in south jersey. but otherwise, clearing skies. perhaps you're headed out to the evening events across our area. looking pretty good and you can give those umbrellas a break. dry and comfortable as we move into the overnight and, yes, cooler temperatures. coming up we'll talk about what to expect for your friday as well as upcoming weekend. >> all right, scott, thank you. whenever severe weather hits you can keep track of ultimate doppler radar. just head to and click the weather tab. >> happening now, police in south jersey arrest a suspect wanted for a series of armed robberies. in one of the cases, a store clerk was shot and is still recovering from his injuries. those robberies happened at several 7elevens across the region. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live outside the 7eleven where it all started.
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dave? >> reporter: dawn, police say it's one down and two to go as they continue to track down these armed bandits who they say are responsible for nine robberies in three counties including one at this pennsauken 7eleven where the clerk was shot four times and critically woun wounded. they left their mark all over south jersey a crew of masked armed robbers with hunger for cartoons of cigarettes and cash. now, one of them is under arrest and police are turning up the heat on two accomplices still on the loose. >> we believe that we have the ringleader of this. there are two more individuals that we are looking at. >> reporter: investigators believe the same three bandits, two robbers an get away driver have struck nine times in recent months in three counties. they target 7eleven stores across the area. they burst in waving guns, force the clerk to open storage rooms where cartons of cigarettes are held and then empty cash registers. >> they're definitely
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professionals. they know what they're doing. >> reporter: the gun toting bandits zip tied store workers at this 7eleven in pennsauken. the clerk was shot four times and critically wounded. the bandits were caught on tape as they struck twice in cherry hill, once in evesham and again in medford lakes. >> we have taken what is the very dangerous individual off the streets. >> reporter: this is the suspect in custody. 31 year old charles walls of collingswood. seen here with a 40 caliber handgun in the evesham robbery. police believe he was the shooter in the pennsauken robbery. >> mr. walls is also a suspect in seven other 7eleven robberi robberies. >> reporter: detectives say these bandits targeted cigarettes so they could sell them on the black-market. >> they sell them in the inn are in cities for a dollar a peace. packet of cigarettes can go for $20. >> reporter: now, walls is behind bars in the camden county jail tonight on very high bail. coming up at 6:00, how police crack this case with high-tech
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computer work, surveillance video yo and some good detective work. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you see you begun at 6:00. developing now, new details in the crash that seriously injured comedian tracy morgan and killed another man. said federal investigators say the driver of the tractor trailer that allegedly caused the crash was speeding. the preliminary report released this morning by the national transportation safety board says the trucker kevin roper was driving 65 miles an hour at the time of the june 7th crash that's 20 miles over the posted limit. the report says about a half mile south of the crash on the northbound new jersey turnpike signs advised drivers to slow from 55 to 45 because of construction. the truck plowed into morgan's limo van. roam per was driving the truck for wal*mart from a store in bristol, pennsylvania. and here's a new look at the damage from the crash. this is what the truck looked like. the front completely crushed. and the van carrying morgan and the other victims destroyed. morgan is still in the hospital
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tonight in fair condition with a broken leg and other injuries. >> a montgomery county man pleads guilty to indecent exposure and harassment with cheese. a judge sense 10ed 42 year old christopher pagano to eight years of sex offender probation. police say in several of the cases he placed cheese on his genitals while exposing himself to women in philadelphia. as part of his sentence he's been ordered to stay away from his victims. pagano must also attend treatment programly. big child porn sweep in berks county today. 13 people facing charges. police say the suspects are accused of possessing child porn and spreading it to other people. they range in age from 17 to 65. today's round up is as a result of an 18 month investigation. >> any individuals who are involved in the possession or dissemination of child pornography will go to jail, and i think that it could ruin their lives.
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>> police say they seized computers and cell phones during the investigation. they say they found thousands of child porn images. >> medics rushed two people to the hospital after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. it happened around 9:30 this morning on the 2,000 block of simpson street. one person is in the hospital in critical condition. the other in stable. police say they have one person in custody. a struggling casino in atlantic city could shut down for good. worker at revel received a warning letter today. the $2.4 billion casino says it will shut down if it cannot find a buyer. employees could be let go as early as august. the casino is owned by investor who's gained control of it during bankruptcy last year. >> employees of many new jersey school districts may soon be allowed to live out of state with no questions asked. state senate committee is considering a bill that would allow employees of school districts in 10 counties near the borders with new york or pennsylvania to live out of state, 2011 state law requires public workers to live in the
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state. advocates for the change says the residency requirement made it much tougher to recruit good educators. >> putting on makeup it's a natural routine for lot of women but what you're putting on your face could harm your health. >> how a new makeup detox can flush out all those harmful chemicals. it's a traffic stop one police officer won't soon forget. he's attacked by dogs. why their owner let them out of the vehicle in the first place. >> they wanted an autopsy to learn what claimed the life of a loved one but now they say a city hospital took his organs without consent. fox 29 investigates is ahead. >> and a mother arrested after several children riding on her car are hurt. not in the car, on the car. why police say the woman didn't want them sitting inside. >> the eagles have ended their mini camp. it almost looked like kids getting out of school for the summer. what did the players learn? the sixers may have big problems with the nba draft. that's coming up in sports.
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coming up in weather, as we watch ultimate doppler, the rain is moving out of here. coming up, find out what's moving in just in time for your coming up, find out what's moving in just in time for your fridawhat's with the suit?
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>> keep look out for this bear in south jersey. police believe a black bear seen wandering around westampton, burlington county on wednesday is the same bear that was seen daze earlier. police say the bear was last seen at the dear wood country club wandering into the woods. if you see it, don't approach it, call police.
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>> a controversial vote on marijuana possession from philadelphia city council today. members voting 13 to three in favor of the a plan to give people caught with small amounts of pot a $25 civil citation. right now, they faced arrest, jail time an $200 fine. mayor nutter is not a supporter of reducing penalties for possession but that 13 to three vote makes it tough for him to veto the bill. >> well, good news for the financially ailing public schools in philadelphia tonight. with a budget deadline looming, city council today pledged $30 million in additional funding for the school year beginning in september. and our bruce gordon is live in the newsroom with these very welcomed developments. bruce? >> reporter: absolutely, dawn. make no mistake this does not erase the district's ever growing budget crisis but does represent a major player coming to the rescue and providing some degree of life support to a district on its death bed. >> the bill passed. >> the buzz that council would pony up for the district began wednesday night by meeting time it was official.
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$30 million in new funding to be borrowed by the city and given to the district this fall. blondel reynolds brown sponsored the measure. >> for the fourth year, city council is stepping up to the plate to deliver additional needed funding to support our schools. >> reporter: on tuesday district officials and education advocates publicly pleaded for 96 million new dollars just to keep up with this year's quote wholly inadequate funding levels. they asked for 28 million from city lawmakers. stop acting like these are other people's children. >> amen. >> these are our children. (applause). >> reporter: today it look like come fall you'll get 30 more. reaction? >> it's great news. fantastic news. we are very happy. very grateful to city council. >> reporter: over the past several years, cash strapped city schools have seen massive layoffs among teachers and support staff. building maintenance has been deferred and students safety has suffered. education advocates hammered city lawmakers to open the purse
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strings. now they make clear, they've trained their sights on another target. >> for as much heat as you might have felt or heard from parents who are deeply concerned about what's happening in our public schools we promise you our attention is now on harrisburg. >> reporter: harrisburg, that means the district and those advocates want state lawmakers to allow the city to generate extra school funds with a philly only tax hike on cigarettes. the deadline for that okay is fast approaching and school officials want concessions from the teachers union to further ease the crisis. neither of those two options is a sure thing, but today at least one major hurdle was cleared. iain. >> bruce, thank you. opponents to the sale of the philadelphia gas works rallied outside city hall this morning to show their anger. utility workers union of america local 686 joining other unions in the demonstration. former mayor john street also spoke out against the sale. the workers are worried that a privately held pgw would mean layoffs and higher rates. council recessed for the summer
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without okaying the sale which at the very least lays any deal until the fall. >> skyfox over a mess in philadelphia's port richmond neighborhood. that's where a box truck apparently hit several parked cars on the 3100 block of aramingo avenue. it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the crash. lots of hard work and dedication just paid off for 75 local high school students. the police athletic league helped held its scholarship ron chen in philadelphia today and dozens of students were honored. pal helps young people develop self-esteem and ambition through education, athletics and cultural activities. students who get good grades and show financial need can get scholarships for college and trade schools. those students received a challenge for their next chapt chapter. >> remember that you should always turn and give something back. whether it be in the form of wisdom, some knowledge, experience, exposure or what have you, because that's what is most important.
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>> pal was established back in 1947. a group of philanthropists helped make the scholarship fund available. >> a mainline mansion goes up for auction in the honey stone estate could be yours if you have a few million buck. it costs 10 until i don't know dollars to build the home and it's got six bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a dining room that can seat 36 people and a heated po pool. ed snider chairman of the flyers parent company comcast spectator lived there in the early 80s. it will sell to the highest bidder tonight at 6:00. >> turning now to your weather authority. here's a live look at the center city skyline tonight. it's been a muggy and wet day and there are still some showers in the area. so let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> iain, the good news most of that rainfall it's moving out of here. so if you are stepping outdoors, perhaps the night mark, west oak lane, looks like clearing conditions and that rainfall pulling out of here. right now, most of the coverage is in south jersey. central and southern sections of delaware. so you can see drying out around philadelphia, north and west, but still some moderate rain
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moving into cumberland county as well as northern sections of cape may county. also atlantic county looking at some of those showers. nothing severe. no thunderstorm activity anticipated but temperatures, they're cooler. 75 right now in philadelphia. we have 72 in pottstown. as well as wilmington. so here's the bottom line for 7:00 o'clock. drying out, temperatures will be in the low and mid 70s out the there. but it's going to feel comfortable even cooler. look at the temperatures. by 11:00 o'clock, we'll be in the upper 60s across our area. and coming up, we'll we're going to talk about cooler temperatures, plus what to expect for friday, the upcoming weekend, perhaps you're making plans for the poconos or the shore and what about, yeah, the big festival taking place, fire fly in dover. the forecast for that all coming up. >> all right. thank you, scott. a postal worker delivering mail finds a woman on the ground yelling for help. it turns out she was having a stroke. what he did next that helped save her life.
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>> and one mother's trying to make her son's life easier one smile at a time. she says people stare at him just way too much. the campaign she created that could impact families across the country. ♪
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♪ >> a routine traffic stop turns into a wild attack. check out this dash cam video showing the officer pulling over a driver in stuart, florida. the woman got out to hear the officer's more clearly that's when her three dogs rush over to protect her. the officer is recovering from several bites. the dog's owner was cited by animal control. >> a car slams into a home in washington state and police say the driver was high on drugs. luckily no one was home at the time of the crash. police say the car drove right through the front doors of this home and almost made the through the other side. the driver was rescued from car window and taken to the hospital where he's expected to be okay. police believe speed and impairment from a drug cocktail called spice caused the crash. >> just goes to show that drugs affect different people
5:24 pm
different ways, that they don't, you know, they don't know if they're over doing or not doing enough and then they get behind the wheel so it's just -- it's a tragic thing. >> the national institute on drug abuse describes spice as a wide variety of herbal mixtures that produces a high similar to marijuana. president obama presents the medal of honor to man who took a grenade blast to save fellow marines. back had 2010 retired marine corporal william kyle carpenter made the selfless decision to cover an enemy launch grenade with his body to help safe fellow marines. he was severely wounded. including depressed skull, a collapsed right lung, multiple facial fractures and fragment injuries to his arms and legs. he also lost most of his jaw and his right eye in the blast. he spent more than two years in the hospital. >> kyle, you not only saved your brother in arms, you displayed a heroism in the blink of an eye
5:25 pm
that inspire for generations. >> carpenter is the eighth living veteran of u.s. combat in iraq and afghanistan to receive the medal of honor. a south florida postal worker delivers more than mail and now he's being called a he hero. mark, was on his route when he found a woman on the ground in front of her home. that woman, 57 years old, was yelling for help, and it turns out she was having a stroke. he called 911 and stayed with her until paramedics arrived on the scene. now he's being honored by the national association of letter carriers for his heroic actions. >> i just did what anybody would do. i'm just glad i could help. >> the woman was taken to the hospital. she was released and is doing just fine. okay. it's no secret that makeup contains chemicals that could be harmful to your body. >> how can you protect your health and still look good? still ahead the makeup detox designed to clean out what you put on your face. an local family says a well-known city hospital took
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their son's organs during an autopsy without their consent and now they want to know where those body parts are. >> and he's just a shell. part of him is in the garbage or somewhere. where is he at? >> jeff cole and fox 29 investigates with a startling report straight ahead. >> a mother arrested after several children riding on her car, not in the car, on the car. why police say the woman didn't want them sitting inside.
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>> right now philadelphia police are searching for a suspect after a robbery in strawberry morning. it happened at the dollar plus store on west dauphin street. police say the suspect pulled a handgun from his waistband and went behind the counter demanding money. police say he stole about a thousand dollars in cash and a role of scratch off lottery tickets. >> fox 29 investigators has a story of a philadelphia mother who is just desperate for answers. she says her son's organs were removed during an autopsy in a well-known city hospital. mary anderson local pastor wanted to learn what killed her loved one but didn't expect his eyes and brain to be taken. jeff cole has the story.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: van anderson final resting place is the cemetery where his mother and sister come to mourn. >> a mother supposed to protect their child. >> they remember him as warm and big hearted. >> he was just a loving person. he was so loving. >> do you miss him? oh, my lord, yes, i. to yes, i do. >> reporter: but they say their memory is stained. >> i feel guilty. >> reporter: stained by what they claimed was the desecration of the 51 year old's body at one of the region's best known medical centers philadelphia's thomas jefferson university hospital. >> they gutted him out without our consent. >> reporter: they gutted him out. >> without our consent then they just threw it away. >> they took his brain, they took his brain. they took his eyes. they mutilated his body, desecrated his body. how i can't put it in words how
5:31 pm
i felt. >> reporter: you heard right. the family says after vance anderson who was uninsured died of lung disease at jefferson, his brain, eyes and organs were removed without their consent. the startling claim is detailed in this lawsuit filed against the hospital in late may. >> i'm a pastor of a church. in the bible that's a sin. i don't believe in desecrating a body. >> reporter: glenn ellis is their attorney. >> they believed according to the doctor we spoke to that the organs had been donated for educational purposes. they were not. and after they were done with them, they disposed of them as hazardous waste, something that was completely not couldn't zenned by the family. >> reporter: that same doctor during question in the legal case and under oath confirmed in full autopsies like this one organs are removed, retained at jefferson and then disposed of adding, it's been hospital practice for 44 years.
5:32 pm
>> and he's just a shell. part of him is in the garbage or somewhere. where is he at? >> reporter: so what does jefferson have to say about all of this? nothing. a spokesperson for the hospital said, they will not comment because they've been sued. fox 29 investigates asked if they would answer specific questions by e-mail, again, the answer was no. from the lawsuit and documents reviewed by fox 29, here's what we know. mary anderson wanted an autopsy to find out what killed her son. according to the lawsuit, she talked it over with jefferson doctors and then signed this autopsy permission request. the words on it appear in small print. they grant jefferson the right to remove such organs, parts of organs or tissue deemed necessary. it allows jefferson to retain tissue for medical research and says portions of the body will be removed and preserved and it
5:33 pm
states the person signing off has been told the condition the body will be in when delivered to the undertaker. >> the family attorney says that never happened. >> nowhere at no time was this family told that they would receive a shell of their son, a shell of their brother. >> reporter: ellis tells fox 29 his clients did not read what he calls the fine small print on the autopsy request form. but both anderson's mother and sister say they were never told by jefferson doctors about the large scale removal of organs and that later they'd be tossed out. >> they were simply going to fish to test? >> no test to see what he died from. >> reporter: they weren't going to take from what you understood the organs in his chest or his eyes or his brain? >> no. no. no. that was never discussed. >> reporter: and their attorney says the document does not make it clear. mary anderson says she only learned of the condition of her
5:34 pm
son's body when her undertaker took a look at it. >> he was treated worse than they treat a dog. >> reporter: worse than they treat a dog. >> if you do a dog like that you going to jail. >> reporter: there's something else. according to the city, the medical examiner' office does between 13 and 1600 autopsies a year. 95% of them are full autopsies just like wawa done to vance anderson. we asked what happens to the organs. the answer was rare exception they are return to the body. >> they did my son like this. he was dead. they desecrated his body. >> reporter: did you ask them why? did you call and say why? >> you can't talk to nobody. nobody would talk to me. the thing is tormenting me. it tormenting me. it grieves me. day and night. >> reporter: again, jefferson declined comment due to the lawsuit but it appears clear from the legal documents in the case the hospital believed it had permission to use the organs
5:35 pm
for educational purposes. the family says it certainly did not. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> if you want your teen to do better in school, a little exercise might help. >> why experts say getting fit could help what happens in the classroom. and one mother is trying to make her son's life easier one smile at a time. she says people stare at him way too much. the campaign she created that could impact families all across the country. >> some chickie and pete's employees have back pay coming their way. the hotline that's been set up to help employees in the know when that money will arrive. and right now, satellite and radar showing the rainfall as well as the clouds. they're moving out of here. find out what's moving in. they're moving out of here. find [ male announcer ]in. tv's come a long way.
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♪ >> it is chore day at the international space station. two russian cosmonauts did tough tanks. they switched out science experiments and moved a cargo
5:39 pm
boom outside the iss this was their first space walk. right now three russians, two americans and one german are living at the iss. the american astronauts have a space walk scheduled for time in august. >> in your health news, if your teenager struggled in school this year you may want to incorporate some exercise in their daily routine. a new study shows teens who are physically fit score higher on scams. researchers at the university of madrid say aerobic exercise actually boosts brain, health and academic performance in teenagers. researchers surveyed more than 2,000 children between the ages of six and 18 years old for their study. the active kids and teens performed better in school. and those who were not physica physically fit got lower grades. >> a new study shows taking anti-depressants during pregnancy does not increase the risk of having a baby with a heart defect. researchers at brigham and woman's happen in boston say if pregnant women need to take an anti-depressant there's no definitive link between the
5:40 pm
medication and abnormal heart development in the fetus. research is published in today's issue of the new england journal of medicine. >> ladies, i don't have heard of detox diets for your body but what about detoxing your face? if you wear makeup, listen to this. it's called chelation therapy and it helps remove toxic heavy metals from your body. doctors say the build up from led, aluminum and mercury in your makeup can cause health problems. here's how it works. patients are hooked up to an iv and given mixture of vitamins which binds the heavy metals and flushes them out. >> it can affect our nervous systems and cause fatigue, they can cause headaches, derma tights, problems with reproduction. >> it's a powerful energy, and it's kind of -- you don't know what you're lacking until you get it back again. so it's made all the difference in the world. >> the therapy is app pressed by the fda the treatment occurs over the course of 10, $250 treatments and get this, experts
5:41 pm
say the average woman absorbs about 5 pounds of makeup into her skin every year. >> wow! >> ly. that's a lot. >> a mother is accused of making children ride on the hood and the trunk of her car because their clothes were wet from the swimming pool. >> but there's more. what police say the mom was doing while the kids were taking a dip. 2014 special olympics are winding down, today athletes showed off their gymnastics skills. why today's competition a dream come true for one mom. >> and the 76ers draft board may have changed drastically. an injury to one of the topics may have changed a lot in the upcoming nba dra
5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
>> traffic backup on the pennsylvania turnpike. take a look. skyfox over the scene at the westbound lanes near mile marker 315 in malvern. the good news is no injuries have been reported and the incident involving some sort of a truck but take look at that backup. if you have to take the turnpike, be prepared. traffic is crawling if that here as a result. >> two texas moms are accused of making their kids ride on the hood and trunk of car because their clothes were still wet from a swimming pool. not only that, police say the mom who was driving was drunk. officers say the two moms would not let the kids and their wet clothes in the car. they made eight few blocks before four of the children fell off. >> there was one laying the floor and she was like right here on the floor. there was a girl sitting next to her that was getting checked out. she had blood on her shirt and stuff. and then there was two kids that had road burns that were like walking up and down the street. >> the kids were taken to the
5:46 pm
hospital. their expected to be okay. the driver has been charged with intoxication assault. >> a maryland mother is hoping to change the outlook of children with disabilities one smile at a time. debbie's son has a traumatic brain injury. it causes people to stare and claims he's even been kick out of a public park. celine has new campaign called smile don't stare. and it's aim at letting those with disabilities know they are accepted and acknowledged. she's working with young people to change their perspective. >> little boy said i wish people would ask my name. i feel like that's something we take for granted. >> say hi and smile and ask me how their day is and compliment their shoes. >> parents should work with their children when they're little and don't shh them when they notice someone with a dissable. she says that's where the isolation curse. >> another big day for the participants in this year's special olympic games. gymnastics competition gets
5:47 pm
underway at peddle school in hightstown, new jersey. as dan bowens report for one mom it's a day she thought seed never see. >> reporter: three athletes, two coaches together they are new jersey's special olympics gymnastics team. a group that calls themselves and fab five. coach donna roberto says they've been training for the last nine months. >> these girls have grown in so many ways. not just their skill levels but just their confidence. >> reporter: athletes arisa sims, courtney mums and molly herbert among the 32 participants involved in the gymnastics competition. >> we're a family. the fab five is a family, right? >> right. >> my two teammates are like my sisters. >> from the vault to the bars beam and floor exercises arisa sims says the games have helped her build confidence. >> i'm so blessed to be here it's so great to be here. it's an honor. i'm so happy.
5:48 pm
>> doctors once told molly hubert's parents the teaneck native wouldn't walk. this is her sixth games. the mother says watching her is a blessing. >> the awareness of the drive that, you know, improve your skills and become better and -- not just, you know, doing your personal best is wonderful but then improving on your personal best report roar the fab five has improved as a team and the coach says they consider all their fellow athletes part of the family. >> they will cheer everyone on and i think that's something that everybody can learn something from. >> reporter: dan bowens, fox5 news. >> there are just two more days left in this year's special olympic usa games and we'll be there for all the action leading up to saturday's closing ceremonies. you can follow our coverage. just head to our website and click the link on the home page. >> and turning now to your weather authority. another busy night of tornadoes. take a look at the incredible video of twisters moving through south dakota. storm chasers took this footage of a funnel cloud.
5:49 pm
tornado alarms sounded before it hit so a lot of people were able to get to the town's emergency shelter in a local courthouse. to people, however, were hurt. unbelievable images. >> yeah. it's been a violent week especially in the planes and nebraska. we saw those twin tornadoes earlier in the week. >> right. but nothing like that for our area in fact lower humidity and cooler temperatures in the offing. look at the number right now. 75 degrees. a far cry from the mid 90s we were looking at yesterday at this same time. so drastic temperature change. almost 20 degrees colder right now in philadelphia. but also look, the sun, it's making a come back across our area. so if you are stepping outdoors, looking pretty good for the remainder of your thursday evening across our area. as we look at ultimate doppler, here the culprit. a front. it's moving to the south pushing the heat, the humidity out of here. we have leftover showers right now as we zoom in, you can see in particular down the shore but
5:50 pm
most of that activity it's moving out of here as well. so as we move into your evening, cloud cover decreases and the humidity, it's going to be going down as we move into the overnight. also, turning a little cool temperatures could drop into the 50s for the suburbs much as we roll the clock, left over showers early this evening. but look, by 8:00 o'clock, we're looking at clearing skies, pretty much area wide. and yeah, by 10:00 o'clock we're looking at clear skies and that cooler air will be rushing in. so what to expect. stepping it course a leftover early shower. otherwise those skies continue to clear. those winds will shift out of the north drawing in that drier air, lowering dew points, lowering humidity and just turning comfortable as we move into the overnight. nothing like the storms we saw overnight early this morning across our area. for your friday, making plans. a lot of sunshine. don't forget that sunscreen. low humidity values as well across our area. and as we look at the low this morning, 71 degrees. high temperature made it up to
5:51 pm
81 so certainly a difference a day makes with those temperatures across our area. numbers right now in the low and mid 70s out there. we have 75 in philadelphia as well as reading. low 70s in atlantic city. so for tonight, clearing skies. 56 degrees in the suburbs. low 60s in the city. and then friday, sunshine, low humidity winds out of the north drawing in that drier air 84 degrees for the high temperature. forecast by the numbers scale of one to 10, tomorrow is a 10. headed out to dover for the fire fly music festival beautiful were there for friday, saturday there could be a spotty shower. low 80s on sunday. but all in all looking pretty good for the outdoor festival and then that seven day forecast, a pop up shower possible on saturday. but the weekend doesn't look locate a wash out. low 80s for sunday and then early next week looking pretty good. but by tuesday, things warm up a bit and it turns a little more
5:52 pm
muggy and we could see a few scattered showers and also some thunderstorms. but pocono forecast looks good as well as down the shore. but there could be a spotty shower saturday down the shore. >> all right. we're done with the 90s for awhile? we are. >> all right. >> i like the 90s. i do, too. >> i'm just asking. i'm just asking. >> unless we're playing golf. it was like the players getting out of school for the summer. the eagles mini camp has ended. the players have five weeks off until training camp which begins july 25th. the players and let's not forget about the coaches getting in another day of going over the plays, the schemes and getting the new players everything they need to get ready. the team ended the practice with a team meeting. so now the players are on their own for the next five weeks, but chip kelly trusts these guys will do what they need to do, what they need to get into camp. >> i think a lot of that we take
5:53 pm
into consideration in our -- when we inquire these guys and select these guys. that's a real big important thing to us is that, you know, i don't want a bunch of guys i have to worry about when we're away i got to worry about how they're supposed to. i understand they -- i think they understand. >> what will chip do with five weeks off? will he try to tune football out until training camp? >> i don't look at this as i need a break from what we've just done much this is our life choice and we enjoy the so it's not like i can't wait for, you know -- this isn't fred flynn stone with yabba cab ba do and we're trying to get out of work. >> jab ba dab ba do and we're trying to get out of work. >> jab ba dab ba do to you too. the sixers may have run into problem with getting the right player next week's nba draft. there are three players at the top in no certain order. andrew wiggins, jabari parker and joel em bee. there's now a big question with one. joel was during with a stress fracture in his foot. he will have surgery on friday. now, i would say he would be ready for the season.
5:54 pm
but there is a history with him. he had a slight bone fracture in his back. is this a red flag with another bone problem? he's a big guy that puts more stress on his feet. if he's left at number three in the first round what do the sixers do? tank the season for question? >> the phillies open a series in say lewis tonight and three game winning streak but last night more history major league baseball. let's go to los angeles. clayton kershaw is incredible. 15 strikeouts last night but that's not the story. the last strikeout was 15. a no hitter. the dodgers have 20 no hitters in their history. more than any other team. remember they just had one a little over a month ago here philadelphia with josh beckett. in the spirit elections major league baseball team is running full fledged campaign. the st. louis cardinals did have the best catcher in the national league the all star game molino but milwaukee is going after molina. >> molina is a great catcher but did you know he plays for the
5:55 pm
st. louis cardinals? that's right. the same lewis cardinals. do you want another st. louis cardinal to star in an all star game? is there a better way? >> there is. john nan, make your voice heard. cast a ballot for change. cardinals fans need to know that enough is enough. status quo no longer flies. the best catcher in baseball plays in milwaukee. vote jonathan lucr over w. >> you're right. it's funny and they're right. he's hitting .341 with eight homerun. molina' .284 with six homeruns. right now, remember, the team that wins the all star game gets the home field in the world series if the phillies get to the world series, you want the best players on that team. >> all right. >> absolutely. >> correct? correct. >> that was hysterical. >> another half hour full of news straight ahead. coming up all new at six high school student attacked by another student on a schoolbus.
5:56 pm
why police say the victim may have had no idea it was coming. >> and some local middle school students are paying tribute to a classmate with cancer. they're dancing in the halls with a message of hope with the principal's permission. with a message of hope with the pr[ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia.
5:57 pm
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>> right now at six cop cars and crime tape outside a suburban high school on one of the last days of the school year. how a schoolbus fight sent student to the hospital. plus, police make an arrest in a spree of armed robberies at area 7eleven stores.
6:00 pm
the ringleader behind the bandits now behind bars. the unusual clues and unique way police used to track him down. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> first at sick though new developments surrounding the crisis in iraq. just hours ago, president obama unveiling a course of action in iraq and it involves aid from the united states. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney fox's doug mckelway as the latest developments tonight from the white house. >> reporter: at the white house president obama announces the u.s. will send up to 300 military advisors to iraq as sunny fighters rapidly gain ground. they'll work with the iraqi army to coordinate intelligence and training. >> the best and most effective response to threat like isil will ultimately involve partnerships where local forces like iraqis take the lead. >> reporter: but the president made it clear u.s. ground troops will not return to iraq. and stressed that solutions to the viol


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